Thursday, September 21, 2006

bullshit idea

if one knows that they are going to die then they should not be cynical about themselves wasting time for it should be known that it is not worth the time spent being that way. no one should lament about what they did not do (or did do for that matter) in the past for it is useless and a waste of time.

the wheel always turns, fish. death knows where you are and you are really wasting your time reading this. much like im wasting time writing it.

oh well, heidi will be applying for a job tomorrow and maybe my life will improve. hope she comes... im actually clinging on to that idea.. stupid. i know....

titanium plated titanium

i did not blog yesterday. not that it matters, i have had 0 views so far, but i dont care. but ill write today for yesterday

i bought a flashlight yesterday. made of titanium. weird, i never thought i world spend over a hundred dollars for a flashlight and in hindsight it was stupid, stupid, stupid.

this is only proof that we live in a random godless universe. i dont know how, but it is.

i bought a book to. arthur spiderwick. a book with illustrations of elves and fairies and the like. how cute. also checked out the complete hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series (in one volume, no less) at the library. i thought it would be good to re-read it.

i almost saw a movie at the theatre to, but didnt. i went to the apartment and watched Office Space for the gazillionth time and got drunk on Finlandia. i havent seen a movie at the theatre since....40 year-old-virgin. ouch. i think there is a direct correlations to the frequency one sees movies at the theater and if one has a life or not. hey, at least ive had sex.... even though the last time was in late march.. shit, thats six months!

the end.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


At work this heidis' brother and a total retard, in a good way. came in needing help with research for a high school project.

heidi being the terriaki girl from the weekend festival.

i told him just to go on wikipedia and copy and paste the article and go through it on microsoft word with the thesaurus and change every other word and that.

anyways his terriaki girl applied for a job. *jumps for joy* interview on friday. im going to give her the job, me being the quasi-manager.

maybe in a week my life wont suck as badly. who knows.

also i went to the library today, i swear the childrens room librarian are the only friends i have out side of work. oh, and some prepubesent tween told me i looked like edward scissor hand... is that a good thing?

could terriaki girl be SHE?

ill have to see how mcuh she likes Microwaveable YakiSoba Noodles.

Noodles Rock

Monday, September 18, 2006

Racing Stripes

there is a pharmacy near where i live, i go by it everyday on one of my two bike rides.

i bike just for exercise and also to get buffed out at the Y in the early morning and at night. no matter how much weights i lift i remain frail. its creepy. you'd think that bench pressing 170 for months id be at least a little buff-ish but noooooOOOO... im very well toned though. i think the only reason im in shape is the ride, its exactly 5 miles each way... its very flat though but still, im riding 20 miles daily.

anyways the pharmacy... there is this pharmacy and at night the locals who have watched The Fast and the Furious too many times are parked there. they put the green neon lights on the undercarriages of their respective rides and spoilers and racing stripes.... the only thing is YOUR CAR IS STILL A FUCKING PLYMOTH NEON, DUMBASS! no matter how big a spoiler you put on a '91 honda civic it still will peak out at 70hp and it will not make it go faster.

Fact: Racing stripes do not improve the performance of your vehicle.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

[Yaves] Festival!


note. send a postcard to: SHE
i wrote one. but i fucked it up. i hate my handwriting

Shalom! Ive had this postcard for a very long time [lie], I just thought it looked cool. Its slightly beat up but it still looks good. Well here it is! a note, on a postcard no less, wishing you a very Happy Existance! as you an tell no i have the handwriting of a 5-year-old, there is no real excuse for bad penmanship so i wont try to make one up. Dont you think those sunglasses [on the postcard] are marvy? I think so, And having the folding cover is great. [it folds at 2/3!] Ive always wondered if mailmen read postcards when they are bored. with this I dont have to worry. Do you have Sun-Maid raisins often? the natural california raisin? im eating from one of the tiny 42 gram boxes

there was a festival today. it stunk majorly like...garlic? the copy shop has set up a table there. what the fuck? a copy shop at a festival? we were next to the only ice cream stall there. busiest vendor there. they had garlic ice cream. holy shit. what has the world come to? any ways they stuck us wayyyyy the fuck back in the far corner and the only traffic we had was ice cream lickers just biding their time in the shade. any ways i wandered around all day handing out leaflets and pricelists and coupons tring to get people to come in to our pissant place instead of Staples.

*nods* they also had puppet making there, and later they had a parade. yep, a fucking puppet parade. oh and i meet heidi. she is not SHE but shes cute and what not. she wanted a steak terriaki stick so i bought 2 (1 for $3 or 2 for $5). really shitty meat. chewy.

anyways i asked her before i took a bite "do you think this is vegitarian?" she shrugged.
yea, shes that type of girl.

the only song i'll sing:
para bilar la bamba
para bilar la bamba
si nesisita una poca de gracia
una poca de gracia y otra costita ‘ya riba ‘ya riba
aya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba
aya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ire

para bilar la bamba
para bilar la bamba
si nesisita dos huevos grandes
dos huevos grandes y dos cullos tambien
aya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba
aya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba
aya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ‘ya ‘riba ire

rambling 001

what comes after death? silence? can you die multiple times? just a question. life: a threefold death…? does it get even silent-er if you die multiple times? SOLIDsilence© in a threefold death. humm…. so is there a heaven, a hell, or might we be reincarnated? is there all three? is there like a cosmic/karmic waiting room waiting for the next life?or is there nothing? pure void. so much of a void that there is not even a fucking void. devoid of void. non-void. so is it a non-place where there is no silence or absence of? do we actually have sprits? dont answer that. do they keep living? like a ghost or some shit soul, spirit, etc. uh-huh. so….. when the body dies that shit called death. does the sprit split and fly around, or does it go by-the-way as well? well, shit. if you don’t know I don’t know either. well we all know that everything ends. right? it all comes down to death. the old “what comes up most must come down.” you know. well… you could tell me what you think. I mean, no one should tell anyone else what to think about death. what religion is all about. religion is juat a collective explanation/“answer” for these questions im presenting. christianity spew about heaven and hell and most other religions out of the middleeast. fucking christains, get too much credit here in the west. have similar concepts… all those religions came out of ancient semite traditions. fareasters talk about reincarnation and various related concepts like karma enlightenment and shit. fucking hindus. confucist and taoist talk about the some of same concepts – just separate end of the spectrum. bunch of other religions too. indigenous religions and pagan stuff floating around out there. i dont know anything. anything at all. whats there to know. the laws of the universe – of the entire omniverse.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

copy shop bitch

i hate the copy shop. people ask me "where do you work" as if im expected to be a part of the work force and be productive and all that shit

i say "a copy shop"

"oh! like starbucks? no no no, you look like you work at dunkin donuts"

thanks a lot fuckshit

"no, a C.O.P.Y. shop. printing, collating, foling and laminating and all that. copys. im a Xerox machine's bitch"

"oh... i thoght you said 'coffee'" no shit


and you can read that they are thinking *jesus, at least being a coffee shop clerks you are allotted SOME dignity.*

copy shop clerks are at the bottom of the economic/social and every other food chain. we make no money and of all professions its the one most likey to give you repeat paper cuts.

a blog virgin/looking for she

my life is shit.

hell, i dont have a life.

i should find a girl.

she will be...out and about. she is SHE. a non-existant SHE that is not out there waiting to be not be found. should find this one, please deny that i exist. if SHE is organized, it is not the SHE that i am looking for. if you find a SHE that is rebellious, get her phone number - which i will not call. if SHE is rash, get give it my e-mail, which i will not check. if the SHE is caught daydreaming, let it, but give it a kiss for me. if SHE is only slightly ambivalent let it pass. if SHE desires attention, tell it you know where SHE could find an unlimited supply - but dont say where. if SHE has one green eye and one brown stare in to them for me. if SHE is abstract, slip it a note. if SHE has spinach stuck in its teeth let it be.

is that so fucking hard?